I have known and worked with ANC since our Crossword acquisition which is about ten years. They have the ability to get under the skin of the consumer (bolte hain na, ki nabz pakad leta hai) and put it in such a simple way creatively that the consumer connects with the brand. Wish ANC many more decades of success.          I commend Mr. Nanda for the outstanding and visionary work his company has performed in service of Marico and its higher purpose as an organization. Under Harsh Mariwala’s leadership and with ANC’s contribution, Marico has become a truly conscious business, representing the best ideals of Conscious Capitalism.
       Marico has had an interesting growth journey over the past decade. As we gained momentum on our growth path, there came a point of reckoning during 2008, when the Marico leadership was engaged with a simple but profound question - “What, other than making money, is the purpose of Marico’s existence?”
         We believed that the answer to this question would help us strike a chord with all our stakeholders. After several debates in our top management team on this issue, we felt it would be best to engage an external expert to carry out insighting amongst all stakeholders of Marico, and the answer would unravel itself. This is when we engaged Alok Nanda and Company.

       The reasons to choose Alok were many. We knew Alok, the creative, unassuming individual, very well - he had worked with us on several assignments, particularly in a corporate area such as Marico’s quarterly financial results communications (in fact, these had been winning advertising awards over the years).

       More importantly, we saw in Alok someone who would go beyond just finding creative expressions and in
fact reach the crux of the question that was staring at us.

       ANC lived up to more than our expectations and came back with a list of deep insights. They also gave us the creative expression ‘Be More. Every Day’. This expression has since then helped us capture Marico’s Purpose quite elegantly. It has also helped us launch initiatives under the overall Purpose umbrella.
       ANC understands the art and craft of branding as few do; they have been our valued partner in building brand Crossword. A pioneer in retail, ANC has helped build lifestyle retail brands that have become an essential part of millions of hearts and homes.
       ANC has been a pivotal partner with Lodha in our journey to transform how real estate is perceived and consumed. ANC’s strong team has enabled Lodha to set itself apart in an overcrowded real estate communication market. Their grasp of the consumer mindset and power over the print medium are truly unique. ANC has truly been an incredible partner in our evolution over the past 5 years and we wish ANC the very best for many more successful decades of innovative and clutter-breaking communication.
       We would like to congratulate ANC on this important milestone. And thank them for consistently creating campaigns for Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces which are memorable and singularly spot-on. We have worked with Alok Nanda Company from its inception and
surprise surprise, ten years later, we are still doing business with each other and more importantly, still talking to each other. It’s odd for us to refer to this highly creative agency as an agency, when it is actually an eclectic, hand-picked, retained and ably- led (by Alok) talent pool of some of the brightest and the best energies in the business. We wish ANC many decades of award-winning, path-breaking advertising success.

       Heartiest congratulations to Alok Nanda & Co. on completing 10 years of excellence in communication design and advertising. ANC has played an instrumental role in developing YES BANK’s brand architecture and identity and our unique, high quality bank branch communication and design, which has received numerous domestic and international accolades, and appreciation. I wish Alok and his highly talented team all the very best to take India to the design centre-stage of the world, in the next decade.
         I have known Alok both as a colleague and as my agency. Alok, through ANC, carries on the soul of a communication purist, that was last seen at Trikaya. As a design and creative outfit, the ability to ‘own’ the brand and the communication challenge sets ANC apart. It is a pain (the debates and time lines) and a pleasure (the end result) to work with ANC.
Working with Alok was a real delight. Our partnership resulted in the most iconic alcobev label to date in India and it has endured for 10 years without ageing a day.
Our thanks to all the clients who were so generous with their time and praise. A special thanks to Narotam Sekhsaria.
Without his wise counsel, ANC would perhaps never have happened.